What is a guest experience platform?

Guest Experience Platform for Vacation Rentals

With the growing importance of focusing on the guest journey, the use of a guest experience platform (GEP) is key in order to be successful as a vacation rental host or property manager. After all, the next-gen travelers are comfortable with arranging their trips online and/or on their mobile devices.

Would you like to know more about guest experience platforms and why they are important for your business? We’ll get into it in this article.

In short, a guest experience platform is a software tool that helps vacation rentals, hotels, and property managers to manage their guest experience. You might wonder if it’s really that simple. In fact, the role of a guest experience platform goes beyond the existing software tools.

If you use a Property Management System (PMS), some of the guest data – such as dietary wishes and personal data – is stored here. But to really create optimal results when it comes to guest experience, a PMS is not enough. The only way to directly tap into the guest journey is to also use a guest experience platform that truly connects the operator and guest. Let’s explore how.

The operator tool and HolidayHero Guest app

The host-facing operator tool is managed by vacation rental hosts and hotels. With it, you can:

  • Create or import listings

  • Digitize the house manual

  • Create local recommendations

  • Make suggestions for in-home upsells such as early check-in and extra cleaning

  • Connect guests to out-of-home experiences like boat tours and museums

  • Connect to property management systems, smart devices, and other relevant tools.

With the HolidayHero Guest app, hosts and property managers can digitize and automate all guest interactions beyond the booking. The app supports guests during their stay and strives to exceed their expectations by sending them proactive and personalized in-home and external offers.


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Why a guest experience platform is important for your vacation rental

Do you want your vacation rental to run successfully? Would you like your guests to be happy, to gain more revenue per guest, and to let them be your business card?

Striking the right tone and being proactive from before your guests arrive to the moment they get back home is crucial. In other words: it all comes down to guest experience.

Improving the guest experience by using a guest experience platform is the only way to directly tap into all stages of the guest journey. The more effort you put into your guests, the better time they will have and the more money you can make. A GEP is an efficient tool to quickly create results:

  • Save time – Manual processes are digitized and automated.

  • Improve guest satisfaction – Guests prefer speed and ease throughout their vacation.

  • Increase revenue – Through the in-app upsell feature guests can order services and experiences with ease.

Let’s start improving your guests’ experience

Are you ready to improve the experience of your guests? HolidayHero is here to support you as a host or property manager. Exceed guest expectations by offering them a guest experience platform. In return, you save time on guest management, improve guest satisfaction, and – last but not least – tap into new revenue streams.