Apaleo stands as hospitality's most flexible Property Management System, comprising a simple and affordable core to streamline hotel operations. The Apaleo Open PMS is complemented by the Apaleo Store, offering over 200 hospitality apps that seamlessly integrate to enhance functionality. Furthermore, Apaleo APIs provide industry-leading tools for controlling, customizing, and building upon the Open PMS.

Features of Apaleo

  • Flexible Core: Apaleo's PMS offers a versatile core, allowing users to effortlessly sell different types of inventory, from long stays and rooms to meetings, beds, parking, and more.

  • Fast Integrations: Apaleo ensures a swift transition, with most customers migrating in less than seven days. The high-speed cloud minimizes wait times for seamless integration.

  • Lowest Cost: Apaleo adopts a lean approach to PMS, making it a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) leader. Users only pay for the features they need, eliminating set-up fees, licensing, maintenance, and integration costs.

  • Open Tech: Apaleo's open architecture has proven success with renowned brands, as seen in quick and successful migrations by Zetter Group, Limehome, Tailor Made Hotels, and mk | hotels.

  • Integrated Payments: Apaleo allows businesses to accept all modern forms of payment, centralize transactions for better reconciliation, and seamlessly connect with Internet Booking Engines (IBEs) and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

HolidayHero and Apaleo

By combining the user-friendly guest experience platform of HolidayHero with the flexibility and efficiency of Apaleo's PMS, this collaboration ensures a unified solution that empowers hotel and property managers to effortlessly manage operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive revenue.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: HolidayHero seamlessly integrates with Apaleo, providing an all-in-one guest experience management system that streamlines guest interactions and enhances overall satisfaction.

  • Efficient Front Desk Operations: The integration automates front desk operations, saving time and resources while ensuring effective communication and guest management.

  • Revenue Growth: Monetize your business with HolidayHero's 0% commission upsell features and personalized local recommendations, contributing to increased revenue and profitability.

  • Brand Image Improvement: Enhance your brand image with branded features and guest management tools, creating a positive perception among guests and fostering loyalty.

  • Increased Guest Retention: Automation and personalized recommendations by HolidayHero contribute to higher guest retention rates, ensuring repeat business and long-term customer relationships.

The seamless integration of HolidayHero with Apaleo not only harnesses the powerful features of Apaleo's PMS but also leverages HolidayHero's capabilities to enhance guest experiences and drive business growth. This collaboration brings together efficiency, innovation, and guest satisfaction, making it a compelling solution for modern hospitality management. Book a demo today and experience the benefits!