Cubilis stands as a powerful online reservation system, driving the online distribution of hotels, B&Bs, and holiday homes. With a user-friendly interface, Cubilis maximizes online visibility and streamlines operations for seamless property management.

Features of Cubilis

  1. Extensive OTA Integration: Cubilis seamlessly integrates with over 200 online booking channels, ensuring your property reaches a diverse audience.

  2. Centralized Rate & Availability Control: The central control panel facilitates easy management of prices and availabilities across multiple channels, preventing double bookings and reducing administrative tasks.

  3. PMS Integration: Cubilis integrates with over 50 property management systems, enabling automatic exchange of data such as prices and restrictions in real-time.

  4. Diverse Integration Partners: Connect with various systems, including revenue management systems (RMS) and payment providers, expanding the reach of your property.

HolidayHero and Cubilis

HolidayHero integration with Cubilis is designed to enhance the guest experience by seamlessly syncing with their reservation system. This collaboration ensures a streamlined flow of reservation data, allowing for personalized and efficient guest interactions.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Unified Operations: Enjoy automatic synchronization, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate information for streamlined operations.

  • Enhanced Guest Engagement: Leverage HolidayHero to provide personalized guidebooks recommendations, creating memorable stays for your guests.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline daily tasks with automated processes, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

  • Maximized Revenue: Combine Cubilis's pricing strategies with HolidayHero's strategic upsells for maximized revenue.

In partnership with Cubilis, HolidayHero takes guest experiences to new heights. Seamlessly integrating our guest experience platform with Cubilis ensures not only operational efficiency but also delights guests with personalized and memorable stays. Elevate your property management and guest satisfaction by taking advantage of this integration today!