Hostaway - the comprehensive property management system (PMS) and channel manager designed for short-term rental managers. Whether you're managing a handful or thousands of properties, Hostaway provides an all-in-one solution to meet your unique business needs.

Why Successful Property Managers Trust Hostaway:

  1. Award-winning Customer Support: Hostaway's core value revolves around customers' success. Benefit from award-winning support that guides you towards achieving your goals.

  2. Scalable Solutions for Growth: Hostaway scales up with your success. Grow from a small portfolio to thousands of properties with modular and customizable solutions.

  3. Reliable Technology: Built in-house with a focus on reliability, Hostaway's technology ensures agility, speed, and the latest solutions to support your success.

  4. The Best Marketing Tools: Maximize your property's visibility with deep channel integrations. Hostaway offers top-notch tools for channel distribution, email/text marketing, customizable coupons, booking websites, and expert webinars.

  5. Advanced Reporting: Gain insights into trust accounting, employee performance, and competitive positioning. Hostaway never sells your data, ensuring privacy and competitive advantage.

HolidayHero and Hostaway

Elevate property management with the seamless integration of HolidayHero and Hostaway. This powerful collaboration ensures operational efficiency and personalized guest experiences, streamlining operations and boosting revenue effortlessly. From a unified digital guidebook to strategic upselling, property managers can save time and enhance guest satisfaction.

Benefits of the Integration

The integration between HolidayHero and Hostaway offers a range of benefits:

  • Seamless Data Synchronization: Achieve unparalleled synchronization between HolidayHero and Hostaway platforms, ensuring real-time updates for enhanced guest management and communication.

  • Tailored Recommendations for Personalized Guest Engagement: Leverage the combined strengths of both platforms to provide personalized recommendations, elevating the guest experience and fostering lasting connections.

  • Streamlined Daily Tasks for Improved Operational Efficiency: Experience operational excellence as the integration streamlines front desk operations. This allows your staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences, saving time and resources

  • Maximized Revenue: Combining Hostaway's precise pricing and marketing strategies with HolidayHero's strategic upselling features will increase revenue and enhance the guest experience.

  • Effortless Branding and guest retention: Harness seamless brand management and operational efficiency offered by Hostaway, complemented by HolidayHero's personalized hotel branding features. This integration plays a crucial role in effortlessly increasing guest retention and encouraging repeat business.

Elevate your property management to new heights with the seamless integration of Hostaway and HolidayHero, ensuring operational efficiency, personalized guest experiences, and increased revenue. Book a demo with us or visit Hostaway: