HotelPoint is a Property Management System (PMS) that helps manage daily hotel operations efficiently. It has an intuitive platform designed to simplify processes such as reservation management, housekeeping, expense tracking, and generating reports. Even without technical expertise, HotelPoint ensures streamlined hotel management with minimal effort.

Features of Hotelpoint PMS

  • Interactive Calendar: Efficiently manage reservations with HotelPoint's customizable and real-time interactive calendar, ensuring optimal room utilization.

  • Room Maintenance: HotelPoint simplifies maintenance with the ability to mark rooms as "Out of Order" or "Out of Service," seamlessly updating availability through channel managers.

  • Professional Reports: Generate accurate financial, sales, and commission reports effortlessly, gaining insights to make informed decisions about your hotel's performance.

  • Guest Profiles and History: Optimize guest experiences by leveraging HotelPoint's comprehensive guest profiles, allowing you to personalize interactions based on guest history.

  • Housekeeping Panel: Streamline daily operations with HotelPoint's integrated housekeeping panel, managing room status efficiently through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Access from Anywhere: HotelPoint's cloud-based system ensures accessibility from any device, fostering real-time communication between front desk, channel manager, and booking engine.

  • Payment Tracker: Keep financials in check with HotelPoint's payment tracker, helping you track payments according to rates, reducing the risk of cash flow and credit issues.

HolidayHero and Hotelpoint Integration

HolidayHero integrates seamlessly with HotelPoint's Property Management System (PMS), providing a streamlined guest experience management system. With this integration, hotels can effortlessly sync with our guest app, ensuring a hassle-free and connected experience for both guests and hotel staff.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Effortless Data Sync: Seamlessly sync reservation data between HotelPoint and HolidayHero for a unified guest experience and better performance.

  • Revenue Boost: Increase revenue with HolidayHero's upsell features and capitalize on HotelPoint's revenue-generating aspects, creating a synergy for financial growth.

  • Efficient Operations: Optimize staff efficiency with HotelPoint's automation and guest experience management from HolidayHero, creating a seamless operational workflow.

  • Enhanced Guest Management: The integration enhances guest management, from personalized interactions to automated communication.

  • Branded Guest Experience: Present a cohesive and fully-branded guest experience with HolidayHero's customizable app, enhancing your hotel's identity and guest retention.

  • This integration is centered around seamless synchronization with their robust reservation system. By integrating HolidayHero with HotelPoint PMS, we aim to elevate the guest experience, streamline hotel operations, and empower both guests and hotel staff with a comprehensive and connected platform. 

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