Mews hospitality cloud is a complete platform designed to simplify and enhance hospitality operations. Mews offers various modules such as Mews Operations, Guest Journey, Business Intelligence, Payments, API, Marketplace, POS, and Multi-Property. These modules equip hotels with the tools to optimize reservation management, improve the guest experience, and make informed decisions based on data.

Features of Mews PMS

  • Operations: Seamlessly manages front-office and back-office tasks with smart automation, boosting efficiency and improving guest experiences.

  • Guest Journey: Puts guests in control of their stay through the booking engine, self-service kiosks, and a virtual concierge for a memorable and modern experience.

  • Business Intelligence: Facilitates intelligent decision-making by providing interactive reports and real-time metrics for monitoring property performance.

  • Payments: Offers a fully integrated payment system with secure, instant payments at any stage of the guest journey.

  • Mews API: Reflects the core value of openness, allowing limitless connectivity and customization for bespoke or third-party software solutions.

  • Mews Marketplace: Integrates with hundreds of specialist hotel tech solutions, providing connectivity advantages for properties.

HolidayHero and Mews

HolidayHero integrates seamlessly with Mews PMS to synchronize with their reservation system, enhancing the functionality of the guest app and ensuring a cohesive experience for hotels.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Efficient Guest Management: Streamline front desk operations and improve guest experience with synchronized reservation data.

  • Enhanced Branding: Leverage the fully branded guest experience with the HolidayHero customisable guest app to enhance hotel branding and guest loyalty.

  • Revenue Optimization: Utilize Mews Operations to optimize inventories and rates, maximizing profits for unique property needs.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Combine Mews BI with HolidayHero's features for interactive reports and real-time metrics to track and uncover growth opportunities.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Utilize HolidayHero's 0% commission upsell features and personalized local recommendations to enhance guest experience and drive additional revenue.

  • Automated Guest Communication: Save time on front desk operations by automating guest communication through HolidayHero.

By combining Mews's strong features with HolidayHero's guest-friendly tools, we're here to boost your guest experience. Want smoother operations, happier guests, and increased revenue? Let's get started – schedule a demo today and elevate your hotel's success!