Elevate your hotel's efficiency and guest experience with RoomRacoon's comprehensive Property Management System (PMS). By converting tasks into time savings, RoomRacoon optimizes operations, enhances guest journeys, and empowers hoteliers with intuitive tools.

Features of RoomRacoon

  • Reservations Snapshot: View room reservations instantly with an easy-to-use calendar dashboard. Manage bookings effortlessly with a simple "drag and drop" feature.

  • Room Allotment for Group Bookings: Efficiently manage group bookings for events, travel agents, and corporate gatherings with flexible room selection options.

  • Intuitive Front Desk Management: Streamline guest registration with RaccoonID, scanning identification documents and auto-filling guest details. Simplify Online Check-In and Check-Out processes for a seamless guest experience.

  • Revenue Management with RaccoonRev: Stay ahead of the competition with native revenue management tools. Make informed decisions and adopt a strategic approach to pricing.

  • Housekeeping Management: Keep rooms well-maintained with RaccoonHousekeeping's native software. Assign tasks, track room statuses, and update information in real time.

  • HolidayHero and RoomRacoon Integration

HolidayHero and RoomRacoon now work together seamlessly! Our collaboration with RoomRacoon allows for smooth integration with their reservation system, enabling HolidayHero to function smoothly and provide enhanced guest engagement.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Unified Guest Communication: HolidayHero's automated guest communication integrates seamlessly with RoomRacoon, ensuring timely and personalized interactions throughout different guest journey touchpoints.

  • Enhanced Branding: Present a fully branded app experience through HolidayHero and increase your guest retention.

  • Efficient Operations: Optimize staff efficiency with RoomRacoon's streamlined front desk management, supported by HolidayHero's virtual concierge.

  • Unified Guest Journey: Seamlessly integrate guest-centric features from HolidayHero with RoomRacoon's functionalities, ensuring a unified and enriching guest experience.

  • Increased Revenue: By utilizing both RoomRacoon's revenue management and HolidayHero's upsell features, you can optimize your revenue opportunities and provide a profitable experience for your guests.

Our integration with RoomRacoon focuses on seamlessly syncing with their reservation system, creating a unified and efficient environment for both hotels and guests. Interested in this integration? Book a demo with us or visit RoomRacoon: