11 Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out From the Rest

Vacation rentals are rapidly growing in popularity. Thanks to online platforms like Airbnb, non-professionals can offer their house, apartment, or room for holiday guests to rent. It is important to stand out in the increasingly crowded vacation rental market, and whether you’re a professional rental owner or not, you need your rental to be attractive to guests. But how do you achieve this? Well, here we’ve listed 11 ways to make your vacation rental stand out from the rest.

Luxury Vacation Rental Property

1. Emphasize the USP

Is your vacation rental located in the middle of a beautiful city center? Is the rental full of authentic details or highly modern? Are there lots of facilities nearby, such as public transport, sports, and cultural highlights? Or does the beauty of your vacation rental lie in the fact that it is located in a spot in the middle of nowhere? Emphasize it!

By highlighting the unique selling point (USP) of your vacation rental, the chance of attracting guests is higher. You could focus on the USP on your website, social media, and any other channels that you use to connect with potential guests.

2. Focus on Guest Comfort and Convenience

Most guests are fond of comfort and convenience during their holidays, especially when they come “home.”. As their vacation rental host, you present your calling card if you offer your guests this comfort.

Think about high-quality linens and towels, comfortable furniture, and thoughtful touches such as pleasant-smelling soap, a basket of fruit waiting for them when they arrive, and a list of need-to-know addresses in the area.

3. Maximize Curb Appeal

Of course, you want the interior of your vacation rental to look and feel cozy and clean. However, the first impression people get from your property is what they see outside. The curb appeal – the attractiveness of the exterior of your rental property as viewed from the street – matters.

There are many ways to improve the exterior of your rental property and enhance the curb appeal. Install window boxes to bring color and charm to your property, paint the front door, dress up your porch with comfortable seats, and install outdoor lighting. Plants and container gardens are great too – they add a welcoming feel and colorful curb appeal.

4. Offer Unique Amenities

Although a lot of guests don’t ask for it, they will be happy to be spoiled. No need for expensive goodies, offering unique amenities is the key. Examples include bikes, beach gear, a welcoming meal when they arrive, and gear for small children, such as a cradle or buggy.

Guests will be thankful to you as they do not have to manage and think about these amenities themselves and will feel seen by you as their vacation rental host.

5. Create a Local Guide

If you want your guests to enjoy the area where your vacation rental is located, then a local guide is indispensable. This guide could include local highlights, and hidden spots, and recommend local restaurants, must-do activities, and entertaining attractions.

Guests will feel treated well by you and happier about their stay – good for reviews, word-of-mouth advertising, and repeat business. For you as a vacation rental host, the small amount of effort it takes to create a local guide is made worth it by the advantages it offers.

6. Personalize the Guest Experience

How do you create a guest experience that is unforgettable? One word – personalization.

There are many ways to personalize the guest experience. You could leave a welcome note, place vases of fresh flowers around the property, provide a gift basket, or make sure that facilities for children are in the vacation rental already. Be as creative as you want to be – your efforts will definitely be rewarded by your guests.

7. Keep the Rental Immaculate

It might seem obvious, but keeping your vacation rental clean and well-maintained is vital. Make sure there is no trash when your guests arrive, not even in the trash can. Give the bathroom an extra cleaning, vacuum the carpets before arrival, and make sure the rooms smell fresh.

Make sure to open the windows for a few hours between guests to freshen the air. Now and then, carry out a deep clean including washing curtains and drapes, cleaning the windows, and so on.

8. Provide Excellent Customer Service

The first impression the guest has of you, including the service you offer, is key in order to create a happy stay. When guests are not satisfied or have complaints, the most important thing is to be empathetic and connected. People want to be heard, no matter who’s “right.”

Great customer service is crucial. Be available 24/7 or at least most of the time, respond quickly to inquiries, and resolve issues promptly with an understanding attitude.

9. Encourage Guest Feedback

Asking for feedback may feel a bit unpleasant. However, in order to improve your vacation rental for future guests, it is a good idea to always ask for feedback. Guests will often come up with ideas or suggestions you wouldn’t think of yourself.

Of course, you could just ask guests for feedback at the moment that they leave. It could be better, however, to provide a feedback form or survey that they can complete on their own time.

10. Enhance Your Guests’ Stay

Enhancing your guests’ stay is a great way to help them have a better experience, and to increase your own revenue as a vacation rental host. Double win! Suggestions to enhance your guests’ stay include offering service upsells such as early check-in or a late check-out, and offering experience upsells like a boat or bike tour.

11. Offer a Guest App

Last but not least – offer your guests a guest app. With an app, guests can book extra services and amenities, read the house manual, contact you, and more.

For you as a host, a good guest app directly taps into the guest experience journey. That’s exactly what you want if you want your guests to have a great stay. Did you know that with a guest app, it’s easier to implement all our previously mentioned tips?

How to put it all together

These 11 tips will take your business as a vacation rental owner to the next level. Being unique, personalizing your guests’ stay, and enhancing their stay by offering intriguing extras are just some ways to create a better guest experience and increase your revenue.

You can put these 11 tips into practice more easily by using a guest experience platform.