Unlocking Success: Learn from the Top Property Management Experts

If you're interested in the short-term rental industry, seeking advice from experienced professionals can make a significant difference. This is a comprehensive guide to some of the leading property management experts in the field, providing valuable insights and tips to help you succeed.

1. Kirby Atwell - Living Off Rentals

Living Off Rentals, hosted by Kirby Atwell, is a highly informative channel for both current and aspiring rental property investors. Atwell's content is a combination of insightful interviews with top property owners and how-to style videos, covering everything related to rental property investing. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, this channel provides valuable insights that can help enhance your rental property journey.

2. Sean Rakidzich (formerly Airbnb Automated)

Sean Rakidzich, formerly known as Airbnb Automated, is a highly regarded expert in short-term rentals and Airbnb education. He has now expanded his coverage beyond Airbnb to include other platforms like Peerspace, Turo, VRBO, and Booking.com. Despite not owning any property, Sean earns over $200,000 per month on Airbnb. He is the go-to source of rental arbitrage advice on YouTube. You can subscribe to his channel for free videos and webinars on pricing strategy, occupancy optimization, design ideas, property management, and much more.

3. Kylee & Steven - Short-Term Rental Experts

Kylee and Steven Niederhauser offer practical insights on short-term rentals based on their real experiences. Their video titles cover a wide range of topics, from handling Airbnb hosting nightmares to smart home options for 2023, providing a wealth of practical advice. You can learn about common mistakes, insurance strategies, how to set up an Airbnb, and achieve year-after-year success in the short-term rental business by following their tips.

4. Matt Caissie - AirbnbUncovered

Matt Caissie, the author of AirbnbUncovered, provides valuable insights for hosts. His topics include Airbnb listing reviews, optimizing earnings through exceptional photography, and navigating pricing strategies. The channel focuses on enhancing Airbnb businesses, so hosts can benefit from the advice given on boosting bookings, preventing theft, and debunking unprofitable pricing myths.

5. Lydia Patel

Lydia Patel is a great source of knowledge on Airbnb hosting. Her expertise ranges from analyzing short-term rental market data to providing comprehensive design guides, which makes her channel a one-stop-shop for Airbnb hosts. Lydia's practical tips on reducing expenses, improving listings, and using market data are essential for hosts who want to maximize their profits and improve their guests' experiences.

6. Jeremy Werden - Short-Term Rental Pros Podcast

Jeremy Werden is the founder of multiple 6 and 7-figure short-term rental businesses. He hosts the Short Term Rental Pro Podcast, which provides actionable insights for both seasoned hosts and beginners. In the podcast, Werden interviews successful hosts and discusses various strategies. He covers topics such as financing, leveraging other people's money, and innovative tools for hosts, making it a valuable resource for growing your Airbnb business.

7. Mark Simpson - Boostly

Mark Simpson, the force behind Boostly, empowers hosts in the fast-paced world of short-term rentals (STR). Boostly offers essential tools, tactics, and training to reduce reliance on platforms like Airbnb and other OTAs. With over 100,000 satisfied hosts benefiting from free advice, Boostly's expertise is proven. Unlocking direct booking revenue, Boostly has helped clients generate over £21 million collectively. Boostly Academy, with CPD-accredited training, keeps hosts ahead, ensuring they stay informed and succeed in the ever-evolving world of short-term rentals.

8. Michael Elefante

Michael Elefante's channel is dedicated to providing insights and guidance on business, real estate, finance, and life. He offers a roadmap to achieving financial freedom and shares his experiences to help viewers on their journey towards more time for their passions, whether it be travel, family, or business ventures. Michael's expertise lies in achieving rapid success through real estate and short-term rentals. By subscribing to his channel, viewers can gain valuable lessons on investing in real estate, mastering entrepreneurship, and achieving financial freedom. Additionally, the BNB Investor Academy offers a comprehensive mentorship and coaching program specifically tailored for those aspiring to initiate and expand their short-term rental (Airbnb) business.


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In this era of short-term rentals and vacation properties, these experts are your navigational beacons. Follow their advice, implement their strategies, and unlock the full potential of your short-term rental venture. Whether you're an Airbnb host, property manager, or vacation rental owner, these experts have the knowledge you need to thrive in the competitive world of property management.