How short-term rental property agencies can benefit from Guest Apps

Guest apps are great tools to enhance the guest experience and improve business operations for short-term rental property agencies. After all, guest apps are the only way to directly tap into the guest experience journey and gain further knowledge about what guests actually want.

Short-term rental properties are increasingly popular. Instead of booking a hotel, more and more travelers prefer to stay in a short-term rental property. These stays are easy to book, available in many interesting locations and the tariffs may be lower than staying in a hotel. Furthermore, guests often find that their needs are fulfilled better with a short-term vacation rental stay.

From check-in instructions to offering amenities and services, from giving local recommendations and helpful tips to offering discounts for guests’ next booking, a guest app can do it all. A guest app is a great tool to manage your short-term rental property and engage with your guests. Below we will outline the benefits of using guest apps for short-term rental property agencies in more detail.

A Short-Term Rental House With a Pool Providing a Mesmerizing Guest Experience Overlooking the Mountains at Dusk

Streamlined Check-in and Check-out

One of the great advantages of guest apps is that you can simplify the check-in and check-out process. Traditional methods like using paper forms and manual keys are not necessary anymore. Instead, guest apps allow guests to quickly and securely check in and out with just a few taps. As a consequence, the amount of time it takes to check in and out for both you or your staff and the guests reduces. Moreover, without the traditional ways of checking in and out, the processes are more efficient and secure.

Most of your guests will appreciate this easy way of arranging their stay, and thus be more satisfied. For property managers and owners, the workload will be reduced. You may need fewer staff and will likely spend less time managing the guests’ stay. The time and money you save could be used to invest in growing your business or offering your guests other services and amenities.

Real-time Communication and Support

Customer service is used to help guests in case of any questions or issues. However, the old-school system needs a customer service representative – most likely you or your staff – to be available, either by phone or in person.

With guest apps, there is no need for this anymore. In fact, you can facilitate real-time communication between guests and property managers or hosts. The quick and effective resolution of issues is therefore easy to realize, and guests will be happy to see their issues dealt with instantly. Next to that, the need for on-site staff is reduced, which saves money for you as a short-term rental property agency owner.

Personalized Recommendations and Local Information

By asking for personal information in the app, either directly or indirectly, you get to know your guests. That is valuable as you can provide them with customized recommendations for local activities, dining, and events if you are informed about their personal interests, wishes, and needs.

By offering your guests these personalized recommendations and local information, you enhance the overall guest experience. Not only will this result in guests being happier during their stay at your short-term rental property, it also can help to differentiate your property from those of your competitors. Next to that, it increases guest loyalty, inspiring them to return to your place or tell others about their great stay.

Valuable Insights and Data

With just a little effort, guest apps can provide property managers and owners with valuable insights into guest behavior and preferences. The more your guests share with you via the guest app, the more you can use this information to help improve your business operations and guest experiences in the future. After all, you’ll become conscious of their needs and personal details, and you can tap into this by offering amenities such as bikes, extra towels, or a full fridge at the time of arrival. This will improve your profitability and drive more bookings, as your guests enjoy a better experience.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

As traditional concierge services are no longer necessary, using guest apps can help reduce costs while improving guest experience and business operations. You do not need a staff member on-site to be available for guests to share local recommendations and help them with their questions. Again, this increases the efficiency and profitability of short-term rental property agencies as you don’t need to hire people or spend time managing your guests – the guest app offers them all the answers and opportunities.

Using guest apps has many advantages for short-term rental property agencies. Checking in and out is streamlined. You can offer real-time communication and support, personalized recommendations, and local information. You gain valuable insight and data about your guests. The efficiency of your business processes is increased, and – last but not least – you save on costs!