How to increase Airbnb revenue

Are you an Airbnb host looking to boost your revenue? With nearly three million hosts worldwide, it's crucial to stay ahead of the competition. While pricing is important, there are additional opportunities to enhance your profitability after the booking is placed. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how you can maximize your Airbnb revenue by leveraging the guest journey and implementing specific touchpoints.

Airbnb Host Enjoying Mountain View
  1. Optimizing Your Listing and Pricing

  • Stand out from competitors by optimizing your listing description and showcasing unique features.

  • Utilize Airbnb's smart pricing tool, considering factors like location, season, and demand. Consider advanced technology for price optimization.

  • Higher rankings in Airbnb search results lead to increased visibility and booking traction.

  1. Pre-Arrival Touchpoints

  • Be proactive in meeting guest expectations by offering additional services and options before their arrival.

  • Tailor options based on guest preferences and demographics.

  • Provide early check-in or late check-out when possible.

  • Offer amenities or room upgrades to enhance their stay.

  • Allow guests to extend their stay at discounted rates.

  1. During the Stay

  • Provide recommendations for local activities, events, and services.

  • Offer additional services yourself, such as a private chef, masseuse, or sports equipment rental.

  • Partner with local tour operators for referral fees or utilize affiliate opportunities from experience platforms.

  • Maximize your profits while enhancing the guest experience.

  1. During and After Check-Out

  • Capitalize on the time between check-out and guests' departure by offering luggage storage or other conveniences.

  • Encourage future bookings by providing discounts with an expiry date.

  • Request referrals to spread the word about your properties to friends and family.

  • Notify departing guests about your multiple properties for future bookings.

  1. Effective Communication Strategies

  • Choose communication touchpoints based on your business model and guest preferences.

  • Utilize manual email services or messaging apps like WhatsApp for direct bookings.

  • Leverage Airbnb's communication features for OTA bookings, complemented by additional manual streams.

  • Implement automated communication streams through a property management system (PMS).

  • Consider using a guest app or chatbot to interact with guests, offering mobile notifications and automatic service offerings based on guest interactions.


By strategically optimizing your listing, leveraging touchpoints throughout the guest journey, and implementing effective communication tools, you can maximize your Airbnb revenue while improving the guest experience. Stay ahead of the competition and increase profitability by providing tailored services and personalized recommendations. Adapt to modern traveler behavior and communicate with guests in ways that are convenient and preferred by utilizing chatbots, guest apps, and automated email flows. Start maximizing your Airbnb revenue today and enjoy long-term success as a host.